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Candle Use and Care

We want you to get the most out of your candles! 

Trim your wick: Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4" each time you burn your candle. This ensures that you have an even burn with less smoke.

Allow for an adequate burn time:  Burn your candles long enough for the wax to fully melt across the top of your candle the first time you burn your candle and each subsequent time. Doing this will help your candle avoid "tunneling" and let your candle reach its full potential in burn time and scent throw. 

For cleaning spills: Soy wax is water-soluble and very easy to clean up. Just use soap and hot water.

Why is my candle turning yellow? Most candles use a UV inhibitor to keep their candles from turning yellow. Our candles proudly don't use any additives, so if an Almost Heaven Candle is exposed to sunlight or fluorescent lights, it may change colors. Don't worry, it doesn't affect the scent or burn of your candle!

Why does my candle have air bubbles? While we strive to make the perfect candle, minor imperfections may appear - it's proof that your candle has been hand-poured with love!

How long will my candle burn? 8 ounce candles have a burn time of 49-57 hours.