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About Us

Growing up, candles always marked a celebration - birthdays, holidays, dinner parties, a clean house! Flip through our family scrapbook and you'll see numbered candles being blown out, tapered candles illuminating beautiful centerpieces, or votives glowing in the background. 

Smell is our most powerful sense. Candles set the ambiance, transport us to faraway locations, or even travel through time as we connect scents with memories. 

Peppermint and pralines remind us of Christmas morning, candy canes and Mom's baked goods. Lush linen or clean cotton and lavender takes us to spring as we emerge from our winter hibernation, spring cleaning and blooming flowers. Fresh cut grass is the scent of summer, of catching fireflies and searching the sky for shooting stars. Pumpkin and cinnamon or sandalwood and patchouli come with fall - the taste-test of Grandma's pumpkin pie before it goes in the oven or a backyard bonfire with family and friends. 

My return home to West Virginia from college was shocking. After four years away, the candles at home had disappeared, one by one, and with them went the memories instantly invoked by the scents. 

Many candles contain harmful chemicals that can cause headaches, dizziness, and even cancer. My mom was feeling the effects and was forced to give up on candles. 

While on vacation in our home state, we realized how inspiring the scents of West Virginia are. Doctors used to prescribe that people escape the cities for the mountains and their fresh air. The smell of the sugar maple, a golden delicious, or a rhododendron bush makes us feel at home.

If only we could take that scent with us... That's when Almost Heaven Candle Company was born.

Almost Heaven Candle Company LLC is a mother and daughter owned West Virginia company. We call West Virginia home. West Virginia is also home to 55 counties, nearly 50 state parks and forests, mountains and rolling hills, rivers, whitewater, lakes, cities and quaint towns and many history sights. Many of our candles are named after the West Virginia places and people we love. 

We use the highest quality ingredients to make chemical-free candles. We hand-pour our candles in small batches to make sure each one meets our high standards. 

Almost Heaven Candle Company is committed to crafting candles with 100% soy wax, high-quality fragrance oils, and hemp wicks.